SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients is designed for gardeners to make their home hydroponic setups simple, cheap and easy to manage and still expect very good yields from their crops. You will be amazed at how little nutrient a plant needs and yet will produce kilograms of foliage and fruit.
SurviveN 5l Nutrient Powder
Hydroponic Nutrient Powder

SurviveN A & B Nutrient Powder

Powder Nutrient Supply For Home Hydroponic Systems & Soil Gardens
Makes 5 Litres A & B Nutrient Concentrates Liquid
Makes Up To 4000 Litres Liquid Nutrients
Suitable For All Growing Phases
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About The Nutrients

Product Description

The Benefits Are Clear

Water Soluble Fertiliser & Nutrient Powder

SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients contain only pure plant nutrients and nothing else.

This product contains only pure nutrients. It does not contain plant hormones, growth enhancers, emulsions, or fillers. Specially formulated from university research as a general purpose nutrient supply for heavy feeders such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, etc.

Enjoy the satisfying experience of eating your own home grown tasty vegetables.
More About The Nurtients
Value for money. SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients will make up to 4000 litres.
University horticulture research data was used to create the right balance of nutrients in SurviveN hydroponic nutrient products.
Excellent fertiliser for plants grown in soil gardens as SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients supplies all the nutrients a plant needs for healthy growth.
Simple to use. One solution for all plant, flowering, and fruiting stages.

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