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1 Litre A and B Hydroponic Nutrient Concentrates


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Makes Up To 800 Litres

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5 Litres A and B Hydroponic Nutrient Concentrates


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Makes Up To 4000 Litres
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5 Litres A and B Hydroponic Nutrient Powder


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Makes 5 litres A and B Nutrient Concentrates

Makes Up To 4000 Litres

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  • SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients contain only pure plant nutrients and nothing else. 
  • Many other brands of hydroponic nutrients contain plant hormones, growth enhancers, emulsions or fillers and are not really designed for growing vegetables to eat.
  • Value for money. SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients will make up more volume of a working solution than most other brands.
  • University horticulture research data was used to create the right balance of nutrients in SurviveN hydroponic nutrient products.
  • The right balance of nutrients in our hydroponic nutrient products greatly contributes to a plant’s healthy growth and a productive crop yield. This makes it very easy even for novice gardners to produce a successful crop.
  • Many other brands use excess nitrogen to obtain impressive leaf foliage but this greatly decreases crop yield.
  • The right balance of nutrients also reduces the potential of a build up of unused excess nutrients becoming toxic for the plants.
  • Simple to use. Other brands often involve two or three different sets of hydroponic nutrients making a home hydroponic garden system growing several different vegetables at different stages of growth very complicated and more expensive to manage.
  • Excellent fertilizer for plants grown in soil gardens as SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients supplies all the nutrients a plant needs for healthy growth.

Research has shown that different plants absorb nutrients at different rates depending on the stage of their growth. Heavy feeders such as mature tomatoes, zucchinis, capsicums and eggplants are given a full strength working solution. Simply dilute this working solution  by half when you water light feeders such as all young plants, lettuces, herbs and other leafy plants. Increase to full strength when the plants begin to flower.

1 litre of both A and B nutrient concentrate combined will make 400 litres for heavy feeders and 800 litres for light feeders.
Do not mix the concentrates A and B directly together as the nitrates will react with the sulphates and phosphates forming a white precipitate (solid) which cannot be absorbed by the plants. Mix the concentrates in a non-metal container with the required amount of water. Stir while mixing. If using chlorinated water allow to sit for 24 hours before adding the concentrates.
The full strength working solution has a pH of 6.2 and an E.C. reading of 2.0

The rest is easy. Simply water your plants with the working solution as needed, usually once in the morning, and watch your plants grow. If the plant’s leaves begin to wilt they may need more frequent watering, especially during very hot days. Watering frequency will depend on climate, type of plant and growth stage.

To avoid any build-up of excess nutrient salts flush your hydroponic system with fresh water once a fortnight.

Most commercial hydroponic farmers specialize in growing only one type of crop. To maximize their crop yields and profits they use three different nutrient formulas; one for each of the three plant stages of young plants, flowering and fruiting. For a home gardener growing a wide variety of plants, each at a different growth stage, a three stage nutrient formula (or even two) would become very complicated, expensive and impractical to use.

SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients is designed for gardeners to make their home hydroponic setups simple, cheap and easy to manage and still expect very good yields from their crops. You will be amazed at how little nutrient a plant needs and yet will produce kilograms of foliage and fruit.

SurviveN General Purpose Hydroponic Nutrients is also an excellent fertilizer for soil gardens since many soils in Australia are deficient in at least one or two nutrients.

Enjoy the satisfying experience of eating your own home grown tasty vegetables.

For more information on growing vegetables in a hydroponic system refer to Hydroponics For Beginners or Hydroponic Information.



Welcome to the world of hydroponic gardening. Don’t be put off trying hydroponic gardening because you have been told that it is very expensive to set up or it sounds too complicated…


It is strongly recommended that a beginner does not start with a very complex, expensive or large hydroponic setup without growing plants in a simple hydroponic system first…


Many commercial hydroponic growers use a nutrient formula that is designed for growing only one type of plant.


A guide to plant symptoms, causes and possible solutions.

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