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5 Litres A and B Hydroponic Nutrient Powder



  • Powder Nutrient Supply For Home Hydroponic Systems & Soil Gardens.
  • Makes 5 Litres A and B Nutrient Concentrates Stock
  • 5 Litres Concentrates Makes Up To 4000 Litres Nutrient Water
  • Great For Domestic Home Gardens

What’s Included

  • 1 x Part A Bag Hydroponic Nutrient
  • 1 x Part B Bag Hydroponic Nutrient
  • Information Sheet

This product contains only pure nutrients. It does not contain plant hormones, growth enhancers, emulsions, or fillers. Specially formulated from university research as a general purpose nutrient supply for heavy feeders such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, etc.

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IMPORTANT: DO NOT MIX PART A AND PART B POWDERS OR LIQUID CONCENTRATES DIRECTLY TOGETHER. A solid by-product will form which the plants will not be able to absorb.


You will need 2x 10 litre plastic buckets, 2 stirring sticks, a marker pen and enough plastic containers with lids to hold 10 litres of liquid nutrient concentrate (recycled milk containers are suitable) and a funnel.

  1. Pour exactly 5 litres of water in one of the plastic buckets. Mark the level of water on the bucket using a marker pen. You may need to first scratch this level, empty and dry the bucket, and then use the marker pen. Label this bucket Part A for future use.
  2. Empty the bucket if you have not already done so.
  3. Add ALL the contents of Part A into the bucket. You cannot make a smaller amount of concentrate as the nutrients are not evenly distributed when in powder form.
  4. Add warm to hot water to the bucket up to the 5 litre mark.
  5. Stir for about 2 minutes or until all the nutrients have dissolved. Some froth may initially form from the calcium nitrate but will disappear later. Mark this stirring stick A for future use.
  6. Pour into plastic containers with lids and label Part A. A funnel may be needed for this depending on the spout of the bucket.
  7. Repeat for part B. Store nutrient concentrates out of sun.



For all young plants and for soil gardens, use a diluted mix of hydroponic liquid nutrients.

  • Mix 5 mls (1 teaspoon) of Part A and 5 mls of Part B into 4 litres of water or
  • Mix 10 mls (1 tablespoon) of Part A and 10 mls of Part B into 8 litres of water or
  • Mix 1 litre of Part A and 1 litre of Part B into 800 litres of water.

When your plants are starting to fruit double the concentration of the mixture. For tomato plants only the concentration of the nutrient mixture can be tripled to produce tastier tomatoes without affecting the plant. Tomato plants can tolerate higher salinity levels. Lettuce leaves however become bitter in strong nutrient concentrations.

These diluted mixtures will last for up to a month. Some of the nutrients may start reacting with each other the longer this diluted nutrient mixture is not used. Important; Do not mix Part A or Part B directly together. The Calcium in part A will react to the Phosphates in Part B to form a solid which the plants cannot absorb.

Water your growing plants with the diluted hydroponic mixture about once per day until nutrients begin to flow out of the drainage hole. During hot weather, the plants may need to be watered twice a day.

Not all plants absorb the same nutrients at the same time. Unused nutrients will eventually result in a toxic build-up of excess salt which may eventually kill the plants. To overcome this problem simply flush your hydroponic garden liberally with fresh water once every three weeks. This will remove or dilute the toxic build-up of excess salts.

If the tips and edges of the leaves of the plants begin to appear brown and burnt then your nutrient concentration is too high. Flush your garden with fresh water and dilute the mixture.

For more information on growing vegetables in a hydroponic system refer to Hydroponics For Beginners

Not recommended for commercial growers.